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Portable Aqua Training Bag

Offering hot sale aqua fitness water bag sample, Bestar is one of the leading hot sale aqua fitness water bag manufacturers in China. Welcome to import cheap hot aqua fitness water bag made in China from us.


Aqua Training Bag Wholesale from China Manufacturers & Suppliers

what is a aqua training bag?

The aqua training bag also called aqua bag, hydrocore bag,aqua fitness training bag,or fitness aqua bag,it is made of PVC. The cylindrical water bag filled with water and air is a tool for training that can be used for a variety of lifting, loading, throwing, swinging, pulling, rowing, and pushing movements. They are compact and lightweight and can be taken to everywhere you want.

When using water bags for training, the uncertainty of the direction of water shaking can train the muscles in all directions.

How to set up the aqua training bag?

  • what is the advantages of water aqua training bag?

    • The water in the water bag is flowing, which is more helpful for training the muscles of the full body.
      Compared to traditional sandbags, workout aqua bags can respond to your movements in a timely manner.

    • It is very convenient to adjust the weight.
      You can control the weight by adjusting the amount of water.

    • It is easy to transport and prepare for exercise.
      The empty fitness water bag is only 2.86 pounds, and can be folded. It is also very small, which is very convenient to transport and carry.

    • The appearance of the fitness water bag is very smooth and soft.
      The fitness water bag has a very smooth and soft surface, which can avoid damage caused by friction with the body during exercise.

  • Full body workout:

    • 2.Abdominal /breast/back/hip/arm/leg training

    • 1.shoulder /hand/lifting exercise  

The advantages of our best aqua training bag made in China:

1.Soft nylon handles make your training more comfortable.

2.According to the different requirment of users, the aqua bags suitable water and air.

3.PVC is an environment-friendly and durable material, which can also prevent falling and hurting yourself.

4.ACCEPTING CUSTOMIZED: logo printed, color customized.

5.We offer professional aqua training bag in the following weights: 15kg,25kg and 35kg。

Bestar is one of the leading hot sale aqua training bag manufacturers & suppliers in China. we also provide the one-handed training aqua fitness water bags and ball adjustable aqua fitness bags.

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