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Anti slip environmental eco friendly foldable TPE yoga mat

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Wholesale custom TPE yoga mat from Chinese manufacturer

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Bestar is a comprehensive supplier of sports fitness products.Our TPE yoga mats are non-toxic and environmentally friendly (Eco-Friendly) products. You can rest assured to purchase for your customers. Good production process and technology make Bestar one of the excellent TPE Yoga suppliers. It is deeply welcomed and loved by customers all over the world.This product is 100% TPE foam material without adhesive. Our technology makes our products durable, safe and beautiful. And extremely short lead time. Bestar's quality assurance for TPE yoga mat: 


2.Environment friendly This material is a natural degradable material, which can be recycled and has no pollution to the environment. Toxic-Free Odorless Excellent cold resistence Water repellency Anti-slip Colorful: Color is customizable and can be colorful Lightweight TPE yoga mat is very soft. It can be laid flat on the ground and closely fit the ground to prevent the user from falling due to the displacement of the yoga mat.

Some important points must be known before purchasing TPE yoga mats.

Many of our customers are worried about the TPE yoga mat and whether it is safe.Now let's study TPE yoga mat in detail, so that we can have a comprehensive understanding of TPE yoga mat. Then we can know whether we want to use TPE yoga mat and whether TPE yoga mat is really good and safe.We have sorted out some frequently asked questions. Answering these questions can help us make the right decision. For example, we will eventually choose to use TPE or choose yoga mats of other materials.We will also recommend some yoga mats with good materials. Let's take a look at these questions.

What is a Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)?

TPE is a kind of thermal elastomer. It usually has nine different types. It has many excellent properties, such as tear resistance, good ductility and good cushioning. Therefore, it is a very good material for making yoga mats at present. 

1.Cost effective and environment-friendly 

2.Users can get an excellent calibration system to ensure the correct posture of yoga. 

3.It does not contain harmful substances, so our customers can buy it at ease, and users can use it at ease. If you want to buy a yoga mat that can guarantee the above advantages at the same time, TPE yoga mat is your best choice. Because most people like economical and high-performance products.

Why use TPE for the material of yoga mat?

As the raw material of yoga mat, TPE has its good performance. In addition to what we above mentioned anti-slip and waterproof, we also need them to be strong and durable. TPE is in line with these excellent basic characteristics. Of course, TPE is not a natural material. Customers and dealers like TPE because of its low raw materials and production costs. And has the same properties as natural rubber materials.

Are TPE mats good?

Yes, TPE's yoga mat is very good. The performance of our TPE yoga mat is comparable to that of top yoga mats such as Manduka and Jade, but the price is less than half of their price, and some are even only one third of their price. To be honest, TPE yoga mat is not as good as rubber yoga mat compared with rubber yoga mat. Of course, the top yoga mat has better materials and longer life. But different demands represent different prices. For similar performance, cheap products are always liked by many people. In general, TPE yoga mat is great.

TPE Mats vs PVC Mats

In fact, the yoga mat using TPE material in order to replace PVC material. TPE materials are more excellent. Yoga mats sold for $10-15 in general sporting goods stores are basically low-end yoga mats made of PVC. PVC material is toxic. Toxic substances have been released from manufacturing to sales. This material is not environmentally friendly. Therefore, TPE yoga mat is a great progress. When the TPE yoga mat is damaged or cannot be used, and you need to discard it, the TPE yoga mat can decompose naturally in the landfill. So it is a very environmentally friendly and non-toxic product, you can buy it at ease.

Is TPE mats safe for us?

TPE material is a widely used material. It is very common in our life. And in these use occasions, it is also in close contact with our human body. TPE material does not contain toxic substances. TPE materials are normally safe. And compared with natural materials, yoga mats are cheaper.

Is TPE safe for babies?

TPE products are widely used in children's products. For example, baby toys, baby soft spoons, etc. TPE yoga mat is safe for infants and young children. Of course, the manufacturing of TPE needs to meet relevant standards.

Is TPE yoga mat environmentally friendly?

We think TPE yoga mat is environmentally friendly. It can be biodegraded by nature, and it can also be recycled. In addition, we should also realize that the rate of natural degradation is very slow. Usually discarded yoga mats are rarely recycled. Is to call on everyone to pay more attention to the waste of yoga mats.

Is rubber yoga mats better than TPE yoga mats?

Yes.We think natural latex yoga mat is better than TPE yoga mat. Yoga mats made of natural latex are more environmentally friendly. Natural decomposition is faster and more durable. Of course, the price is also higher. On the market, the unit price of a normal TPE yoga mat is about $40, while a natural rubber yoga mat costs $80-150. Of course, it can be selected according to the different conditions and needs of each customer.

How long can a TPE yoga mat be used?

Under normal circumstances, TPE yoga mat can be used for about 3 years, but it also has something to do with the frequency of users.In addition, when cleaning TPE yoga mat, some detergents also have corrosion and accelerated aging effects on TPE yoga mat.

Parameters of our TPE yoga mat products.

1.Dimensions:1830*610*6mm(The thickness of our TPE yoga can also be customized. There are usually 6mm TPE yoga mat, TPE yoga mat 8mm and TPE yoga mat 10mm. Other sizes can also be customized.) 

2.Weight: 0.9kg (1.8lbs) 

3.Color: the front and back two colors(Other colours can also be customized.)

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Anti slip beginner environmental eco friendly gym sports cheap foldable yoga mat
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