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  • April 02,2022

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1.What are your products?

We have 6 years' experience in sport & fitness items like exercise bands, resistance tube, gym ring, football training, dumbbell, massage gun etc. We can provide OEM & ODM services based on customer's needs.


2.Who are your customers?

Our customers are who wants to import sports goods dealers from China. Such as Importers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers and gyms, also some start-ups.


3.Why I should believe in your products and company?

Our company info could be traced from Chinese custom, and our product certificate could be traced from official website


4.What about the quality of your products?

In order to cooperate with some professional importers, we have to pass over 5 rounds of tests to achieve the requests, this period lasted for more than half year.

The reorder rate is over 85%, which reflects our quality level.


5.What payment method you accept?

100% T/T in advance;

50% T/T in advance, balance by BL copy;

30% T/T in advance, balance by BL copy;


6.What is your MOQ for sports goods?

For heavy goods like dumbbells and Barbells 500kg for each product, 1 ton for one order;

For light goods plastic and rubber products such as resistance belts, the minimum order quantity is 500 pcs.


7.How about your technical support service?

We have a professional team used to work in Bao Steel, who can answer your questions in time;


8.What is your view towards doing business?

We hope to grow with our customers all over the world.


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