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  • March 15,2022

Keep skipping rope for 20 minutes every day. After two months, these four "surprises" will find you. Don't be lazy

Keep skipping rope for 20 minutes every day. After two months, these four "surprises" will find you. Don't be lazy

As people's health awareness continues to increase and people's attention to body has also increased a lot, weight loss methods also emerge in endlessly. Some people will lose weight through diet and others will lose weight through taking weight loss drugs. However, we also know that these two weight loss methods are not desirable. They are not only ineffective and easy to rebound, but also very harmful to the body. However, most people still choose to lose weight through exercise. After all, Exercise and fitness will not have any side effects, and it will not rebound easily. Generally, common weight loss exercises include swimming, running and rope skipping. Among them, after comparison, rope skipping is the most effective, easy to implement and the lowest threshold.

For a long time, rope skipping has been a simple sport for us. We have learned rope skipping since we were students. Different from running, rope skipping has no site restrictions and can start exercising anytime and anywhere. It is worth mentioning that the popular rope skipping weight loss method is also one of the methods highly praised by many stars and fitness experts. Moreover, many people stick to it for a period of time and show the comparison between before and after weight loss, There is a big gap.

It can be seen that as long as you have the heart to lose weight and are willing to jump rope for 20 minutes every day, after a month, in addition to making you thinner, these four "surprise" changes will come to you. However, we still want to remind you: don't be lazy, otherwise it won't work, don't throw the pot.


1、 It has obvious fat reducing effect

Although rope skipping is also very tired, as long as you stick to it, you will find that your weight has changed after a month. Not only that, rope skipping is a systemic aerobic exercise. Therefore, when you jump rope, with the continuous swing of your arm, at the same time, the strength of your shoulder muscles and arm muscles will involve the muscles of your back. In addition, in the process of jumping, Hip muscles and leg muscles will also be involved.

With continuous breathing, abdominal muscles will also shrink and relax. Combining aerobic exercise with anaerobic exercise can not only achieve good weight loss effect, but also exercise the muscles of the whole body. It can be said that it can kill many birds with one stone.

2、 Skipping rope every day can also shape

No matter men or women, once they are over the age of 25, the muscles in the human body will lose at the rate of 1% to 5% per year, which means that after the loss of muscles, the skin will lose support and become loose, which will promote the decline of skin elasticity, that is, showing the trend of aging.

If you can keep skipping rope for 20 minutes every day, after a period of time, you will find that the body curve has improved and the skin has become a lot tighter, because skipping rope can not only burn fat, but also exercise the muscles. After solving the problem of muscle loss caused by age, it will increase the muscles, make the body look more shaped and the lines more smooth, and play a good shaping effect.

3、 Helps improve mood

In the process of rope skipping, it will stimulate our brain to secrete dopamine, which is a substance that can excite our nervous system. Therefore, when the dopamine content in the blood increases, our mood will become comfortable, which is conducive to maintaining a good state of mind, helping to regulate negative emotions, and alleviating depression.

4、 Protect cervical spine and lumbar spine

Both school party and office workers will experience a long time of sitting still every day, and all parts of the body will feel sore, especially the cervical spine and lumbar spine. In the long run, there will be injury. If we can take 20 minutes to jump rope every day, it will accelerate the blood circulation and alleviate the sense of physical fatigue. Once the blood is unblocked, the body will get better and better.

Now that we know that rope skipping has a better fat burning effect, we should act quickly. To lose weight is to "control your mouth and open your legs". However, the focus of rope skipping is to have a good rope, but do you know how to choose a suitable rope?

The wrong choice of rope skipping can not only get twice the result with half the effort, but also it is easy to make people collapse when jumping and tripping and hitting the body. Therefore, having a suitable and efficient rope can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

Most people are used to "rope skipping". However, "rope skipping" is the most suitable way to lose weight and increase muscle!


Cordless rope skipping is a traditional and novel sports rope skipping. It can record your rope skipping times, rope skipping duration, and the calories you burn in the process of exercise. There are also countdown, countdown and other modes to choose, so that you can record your own movement while changing patterns.

After watching so many advantages of cordless rope skipping, can't help but want to lose weight? However, there are many kinds of ropes on the market. I don't know how to choose them. Today, I recommend a counting cordless rope skipping for you.

1. New built-in bearing design, fast rotation without rope jamming;

2. Led high-definition display screen, four big data are converted at will, and the effect of motion digitization is more obvious;

3. Thick skipping rope, wear-resistant and durable, fearless of all kinds of ground challenges;

4. Cordless rope skipping gravity ball, special for fat reduction, double the effect;

5. The handle is made of ABS environmental protection material, with comfortable grip and anti-skid.

Cordless rope skipping is not limited by the site and is not easy to cause sports injury, which is safer than rope skipping; Cordless rope skipping can record your rope skipping times, rope skipping duration, calories burned during rope skipping, etc., so that you can master your movement at any time and make your movement more scientific.

Moreover, cordless rope skipping will not touch the ground, let alone hit yourself or trip over your feet. You don't have to worry about loud noise disturbing people and being complained downstairs anymore!

If you are still not used to cordless skipping, it doesn't matter. This cordless dual-purpose style can meet your two needs!

It is also suitable for junior high school students' middle school entrance examination sports. The counting is accurate and reliable. Whether you are examination training or fitness counting, there is no problem. Parents and children train together!

Compared with traditional rope skipping, cordless models are more free from space and time constraints. They can jump whenever they want. They can also cooperate with data and app to plan the physical distribution. If you don't pay, there will be no return. Less than the money for a meal, you can realize your dream of losing weight and move first if you want to lose weight!


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