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  • August 31,2021

What is the resistance band?

What is the resistance band?

The elastic band, tension band and resistance band commonly heard in the market are actually the same thing. When we do muscle strength training, we increase resistance and improve the training effect. Today, Registered Physiotherapist and long-distance runner Angel teaches you to choose the most suitable resistance bands for yourself.

What is the resistance band?

Resistance band is to exercise muscles by stretching resistance during our training to help us exercise muscle strength. The resistance band with good quality has excellent toughness and elasticity. It can strengthen exercise for different parts. It can not only help lose weight and fitness, but also many professional physiotherapists can use the resistance band to help patients train muscle strength, or adjust the physical activity of pelvis, lumbar spine, hip joint and so on.

What are the types of resistance bands?

Angel said that the resistance band is mainly different in length. Some can adjust their own length, some have their own set length, and they can choose the length suitable for their own needs according to their training and preferences. Some are equipped with accessories, such as a hand grip at the end of the resistance bands, etc.

There are a lot of resistance bands in the market that have points, but angel said that there is no such classification: "because the resistance bands of different brands will have different colors, and different colors will have different resistance, light resistance and heavy resistance, but different colors can achieve different resistance. The longer the resistance is, the smaller the resistance is, and the shorter the resistance is.

How to choose elastic bands or resistance bands?

It's not that the greater the resistance of the elastic belt, the better the training effect, because once it is used improperly, it will be easier to get injured, so it's best to choose the elastic belt according to your own weight-bearing habits.

Angel said that if you have little experience in sports or beginners, you can choose some resistance bands with cut length, because it is easier to coordinate and know how much resistance you need. Moreover, beginners can generally choose elastic bands with light resistance.

Generally, athletes who want to strengthen training and lower body exercise can choose the elastic belt with moderate resistance, while professional athletes who want to strengthen muscle training, or those who want to use it for lower body exercise, such as squatting, can choose the elastic belt with high resistance.

More professional athletes can choose the elastic band they can cut themselves, so that they can adjust the required length, because they will know how much resistance they need in some training movements.

Whether you want to exercise alone at home or under the guidance of a professional coach, everyone should have elastic bands with different resistance. With persistent training, you can see the most ideal training results.


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