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  • April 02,2022

Essential for swimming in open waters - swimming float

Essential for swimming in open waters - swimming float

 When you want to swim outdoors in open water, you'd better bring a swimming float or a swimming safety buoy. There are many benefits to carrying such a thing with you.Even if you are a very skilled swimmer, it is a very wise decision to bring a swimming float.

  How does a swim buoy work? What are swimming buoys, tugboats and safety swimming bags used for?

  Carry personal belongings when swimming

There is a certain space in tow floats, which can store the swimmers' personal belongings without putting them on the shore. When the swimming is over, there is no need to return to the shore to get their belongings.

  Make it easier for swimmers to be found

Another advantage of carrying a dry bag when swimming is that it makes it easy for swimmers to be found. When we swim in open water, we may be in danger of being hit by ships. The color of the inflatable dry bag is very bright and much larger than our heads.

  Create a safer atmosphere

Swimming, snorkeling and triathlon in open water are dangerous. Therefore, the general organizers will require all athletes to use swimming buoys to ensure safety. Using tow float can keep the swimmer on the water when he is exhausted.

  Enhance the confidence of swimmers

If the swimmer needs to rest, swimming float can keep the swimmer calm and lie on the water without panic.

  Several important characteristics of choosing swimming float


When choosing the color of this product, don't choose by preference. Choose a bright color to increase visibility. Neon green, yellow, pink and orange are the best colors for swimming float.

  Storage capabilities

When selecting the capacity, it is completely based on the size of your own items. For example, if you need to put clothes or drink water, you need more capacity. If you only need to carry electronic devices such as mobile phones, you can choose a small capacity.


Staying as comfortable as possible is also a huge consideration. Find an item that has a comfortable strap that won’t chafe your skin.

  Tips for Open Water Swimming Safely

  Be prepared

  Master the shallow


  Distract Your Brain

  Swim Sensibly

  More Practice

  Basic Safety for a Swim in open water with Friends

  Outdoor swimming must be accompanied by family or friends

It's easy to have problems when swimming in open water alone. If you don't have companions, parents or friends, it's difficult to ensure that you can get proper help in case of danger.

  Check water conditions before swimming

Polluted rivers, reservoirs, places with rapids, the intersection of two rivers and rivers and lakes with drop are not suitable for swimming.

  Check your health. Don't go swimming when you are ill

Patients with chronic diseases such as otitis media, heart disease and red eye disease, as well as colds, fever, mental fatigue and physical weakness, should not go swimming in outdoor waters, because the above patients participating in swimming are not only easy to aggravate their condition, but also prone to cramps, accidental dizziness and even life-threatening.

  Warm up before going into the water

  You must not swim after drinking

  make a plan for emergencies

It's best to make a detailed emergency plan. For example, whether someone is watching on the shore and whether someone needs assistance. Good and thorough planning can eliminate many uncertain dangers.

  Understand currents, rip currents, and such

  Stay calm, be safe, and be aware

  Know your surroundings when swimming

  Be sure to watch the weather before swimming

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