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Bestar is a professional manufacturer of fitness equipment, which can provide high-quality and reliable products. We use high-quality raw materials to ensure the safety and effectiveness of people who use our products. If you are looking for push up boards, please contact us.

What is the push up board?

Push ups are a basic fitness activity we are familiar with. It can exercise our chest, shoulder and arm muscles. But many people don't know how to do this fitness. Push up boards are designed for this purpose. It's like a portable gym, which can be at home or anywhere you want to take it. Usually there will be a fitness resistance tube or fitness resistance band on it. The push up board is printed with various hole positions and a pair of handles. Changing different training positions can train your different muscles. Our set of equipment is also equipped with operating instructions, and the colors of these holes are also different, which is convenient for users to understand and use more simply.  It is very suitable for beginners of push ups. It can be folded when stored or carried, so it takes up less space.

 The advantages of the power press push up board.

Specific colors printed on the push up board can train specific tissues and muscles.

More than 30 different push up positions.

Many training methods can help you train muscles in different parts of your body.

Different training positions can exercise your upper body muscles more efficiently.

Different colors represent different training methods.

The package and user manual can provide the most detailed instructions and tutorials for beginners of push ups.

We provide customers with detailed instructions to help you understand this product faster. In this user's guide or manual, we provide you with more than 30 different fitness methods. This guide helps you get into fitness as soon as possible.

Simple installation and storage, easy to carry.

This push up boards can replace the traditional gym training, get rid of the heavy training machine and save the cost of fitness. You can take this push up board anywhere you want.

With comfortable, non slip handle grips.

Provide complete and comprehensive push ups training.

Premium quality material.

Bestar adopts high-quality raw materials, which are anti-skid and durable to ensure the safety of users.

Convenient and easy to use for users.

The biggest advantage of this product is that it is very friendly to beginners.Size and weight are also very convenient for people who use it to carry it anywhere. Choose one of many postures, and then insert the handle into the training hole of the corresponding color to start your fitness.This handles are also non slip design to ensure comfort and safety during the fitness process.

Who is suitable for using the foldable push up board?

People who feel pain in their arms when practicing push ups indicate that the practice is not standardized.

Push ups beginners want to go deep and doing right as soon as possible.

A person who improves the effect of push ups by doing more exercise.

Fitness trainer strongly recommends to use the push up boards for beginners.

The fitness trainer strongly recommends this push up training board.This power press push up boards can significantly reduce the probability of injury during training and improve the efficiency of push ups.

What are the demensions of push up boards?

The demension of the push up board is38.2*24*2 inches.If you want to take it out, it can be put in your backpack.

Is push up board effective

This push up board is very useful for people who want to enhance the effect of push ups, develop endurance, and develop chest, shoulder and arm muscles without knowing how to exercise.So for most people, this push up board is simple and efficient.


Dimensions:          38.2 x 24 x 2 inches 

Shipping Weight:          10.4 pounds      

Included           Board, Hand Grips, 10 week Workout Calendar      

Workouts            30+      

Weight capacity        300 lb      

Price:please contact us for quotation

People who have used this product say it's very good.

Bestar attaches great importance to the customer satisfaction of products, so we strictly implement our standards in every link of quality, from raw materials to production, to transportation to customers. In order to provide customers with safe and effective fitness equipment. Our customers purchase our products without risk. This set of fitness equipment can be used as a birthday gift, holiday gift or anniversary gift. Our customers buy them for their family, friends and colleagues.

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