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Fascia Massage Gun

Offering massage gun sample, Bestar is one of the leading massage gun manufacturers in China.


Wholesale massage gun from China manufacturers for your business.

Bestar is a professional manufacturer of fitness equipment, and massage gun is one of our main best products. Our fascial gun is deeply loved by consumers in many countries in the world. We can provide customers with professional design services. Our production team focuses on quality and provides customers with safe and comfortable deep tissue massage guns. Professional design and production capacity make us one of the leaders in the production of massage guns in China.

Brief introduction

This is our best massage gun with 6 massage heads:ball head, spade-haped, U-shaped, flat head, thumb head and bullet head, suitable for different parts of the human body massage.The massage gun is mainly made of plastic and rubber, which is mainly for anti-skid.

Fascial gun benefits

The massage gun weighs only 1kg and is very small and easy to carry. You can put it in your backpack and take it anywhere you want. In this way, you can use it whether you work, study, exercise or business travel. 6 strength levels are adjustable, suitable for all kinds of people. 6 fascia massage heads, which can be used in different parts of the body. The battery capacity 3x2000m/AH, charging time 5 hours, can work for 8-12 hours.

Why you should choose Bestar massage gun for your business?

Our massage gun has high quality control

We always believe that quality is the life of the company. If the quality control of fascia gun is not good, even if the price is cheap, many business partners and customers will be lost. When you wholesale OEM fascia guns, in addition to paying attention to the price of fascia guns, we suggest that you still need to look at the quality of fascia guns. This is not only related to the safety and experience of customers, but also a long-term business.

Our massage gun has a very competitive price

The quality of fascia gun is important, but for the public, they all like products with beautiful price and low price. Our fascial gun made in China is not only superior in quality, but also very beautiful in price. Because the labor cost and raw material cost in China are much lower than those in other countries, the manufacturing cost of our fascia gun is also much lower.

We offer custom manufacturing

You can choose the style of our existing fascia gun, and we can also provide customized services, such as logo customization, color customization, packaging customization and so on.

Price factors for manufacturing massage guns.


Quantity is the main factor determining the price. If you buy fascial guns in large quantities from our company, our price must be lower. However, if you are just starting to do fascia gun business, we suggest starting your business in small quantities. This can test your market and help you test users' preferences. If the market reaction is very good, then you can buy fascia guns in large quantities from our company in China, so you can make greater profits.


The price of fascia gun also mainly depends on the quality of fascia gun. Better materials mean better prices. For example, we plastic shell, click, LCD screen and aluminum shell. The fascia gun of our company uses very good raw materials. This can help you do business for a long time.


There are many fascia guns on the market, from mini fascia guns to professional fascia guns. Different styles also determine different prices. We also have various styles of fascia guns for you to choose from.

What is the MOQ for our massage guns?

If you want to purchase massage gun products from Bestar, we generally have no MOQ limit. However, if the purchase quantity is small, the freight is more expensive, and the cost of air transportation is certainly more expensive than that of sea transportation.

Somethings you must know about massage guns before you starting the massage gun business.

About the massage heads

1. Small  spherical head For massaging arm, waist back,buttocks,thighs,calves and other muscle groups 

2. Large spherical head Apply to pectoralis major latissimus doris muscle and other large muscle groups  

3. Conical head Apply to impact deep tissue such as meridian, joint palm, plantar 

4. Flat head Applicable to the relaxation and plasticity of various muscle parts 

5. U shaped head Apply to massage neck, sponal achilles tendon 

6. Cylindrical head Deep tissue such as joint palmer and planter

About the battery

Our fascia gun battery capacity is quite large. Customers usually use the massage gun for 5 to 15 minutes at a time. In this way, the muscle massage gun with small capacity battery needs to be charged frequently. Therefore, we recommend purchasing batteries with large capacity. Of course, this can be selected according to the needs of customers.


The fascia gun has different gears to choose from. Our fascia gun has five gears. Of course, there are even dozens of gears.


The higher the frequency of the fascia gun, the better? No. Long term high-frequency vibration is easy to cause capillary damage.


We have many years of experience in manufacturing fascia guns, and the noise problem has been very low by our design team and quality team. The noise generated is acceptable indoors. A fascia gun with too much noise is really not a good fascia gun. Therefore, we suggest that customers pay special attention to this noise problem when purchasing fascia guns.

About the LCD display

Our fascia guns use LCD screens instead of buttons or switches. Therefore, our fascia gun looks more exquisite and flexible than the cheap fascia guns.

About OEM packing

We provide customized packaging service. You can choose to put the massage gun in the bag and then put the bag in a brown box. And you can also choose color box packaging.

About the manual

We provide six kinds of national languages instructions, and our products are loved by users all over the world. Our dealers are full of praise for our products.

The basic parameters for massage muscle guns

Product name: massage gun Product model: Q1
Net weight: 1kgMotor voltage:12 DC 
Interface type:5V==2VBattery capacity:2000mAhX3 section
Strength gear position: A5-speedCharging time: About 5 hours 
Power supply mode: Rechargeable lithium batteryOperating environment: 0-40℃, not waterproof 
Product size: 160x62x185mmAge: For adults over 18 years old, pregnant women are forbidden

how to import massage gun accessories from china

First of all, you should be very familiar with the internal structure of the fascia gun. The main components of the massage muscle guns are motor, massage head, PCB controller, battery, etc. You can buy accessories from the massage gun manufacturer so that you can get a better price.


If you are looking for massage gun manufacturer from China, please contact us immediately.

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Massage gun



Rated voltage: DC12V

Rated power: 18-95W


Gear position: 1-5 files

Endurance: 4-6hours

Mode of operation: touch screen

Battery capacity: 6000mA

Full set unit weight:1.15kg

Color :Gray, Purple, Blue